What is a flying club?
A flight club consists of one or more airplanes equally owned by a number of shareholder pilots or members. This keeps operating costs at a minimum and allows for exclusive airplane access at a fraction of the cost of owning an airplane individually.  Simply put, we share the fixed expenses equally, and then pay our share of fuel and hourly maintenance when we fly the airplanes.  Only club members are allowed to fly club airplanes. The Hawaii Flying Club is a NON-PROFIT organization. Shareholders and board members are unpaid.

Why mainland aircraft?
Due to the limited supply of airplanes on the Hawaiian Islands, we’ve found that purchasing mainland airplanes has a number of benefits.  Mainland airplanes don’t have the corrosion issues or receive the sun abuse that Hawaiian airplanes do.  There is a large inventory of mainland aircraft which allows us to be very picky about what airplanes we buy for our club.  Low time airframe and engines in fantastic condition are required.  Because of the economy, we have found that even after purchasing and shipping mainland airplanes, our airplanes will still be BELOW retail value once they are here in Hawaii.

Airplanes are scheduled online via the AircraftClubs.com website.  Airplanes can be scheduled 24hrs a day, online or by telephone.

Commercial Operations
Hawaii Flying Club airplanes may not be used for commercial operations of any kind.  Flight training for Hawaii Flying Club members is the only permitted commercial use.

Is there any mandatory participation required of the members? No.  Each member is expected to keep the airplanes clean and facilities organized, and to help anytime something needs to be done.  This participation is not mandatory, only expected.

Hawaii Flying Club airplanes are meticulously maintained according to FAA regulations by FAA certified mechanics.

What kind of airplanes?
We are purchasing Cessna 172 Airplanes for our Hawaii Flying Club. They are:

  • easy to fly
  • 4 seats
  • easy and inexpensive to maintain
  • great visibility for sightseeing (no wing blocking the view)
  • have the range to fly the entire length of the Hawaii islands without refueling
  • inexpensive to insure
  • make excellent flight training airplanes
  • Have an unprecedented safety record

How much does it cost?
Dues are $120/month; flight time is $45/hr. Rates are based on tachometer hours.  This is a great advantage over most other flying clubs and FBO’s who charge based on Hobbs time.  With the tachometer measurement, members are charged 15-20 percent less per chargeable hour than if the industry standard Hobbs meter were used. This is another fantastic way Hawaii Flying Club members save significantly over using any other airplane.

Where are the airplanes located?
Currently one Cessna 172 in Maui and one Cessna 172 in Oahu. It doesn’t matter what island you reside on or regularly visit. Every Hawaii Flying Club member has access to every airplane on each island.  You are not restricted to one island.

How often are the airplanes updated? The Hawaii Flying Club airplanes are updated as needed.  We replace avionics and parts as necessary, and we have a budget built in that allows for additional upgrades such as GPS, paint and interiors.